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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Local private Catholic Schools demanding more public money.

I have to say from everything I have read and that’s a lot, Catholic School do a really good job in educating children. With that being said, I don’t think they should get a dime of public money.

From Redefined Ed: After an unexpected funding shortfall, Florida Catholic schools want state education leaders to review how one of the state’s biggest school districts distributed federal dollars earmarked for needy children in public and private schools.

Why are we giving private schools that don’t require the same financial transparency, that don’t have the same accountability and don’t require the certification and education of public school teachers a dime?

I get it poor kids go to them but here is the thing, no poor kids are forced to go to them. Parents already have options if they don’t like the schools that their kids go to, moving, homeschooling, paying for private schools and getting involved with their school or school board to change the schools they think are needed. Having the public subsidize their choices to go to private schools takes money from the families that remain and erodes democracy. Finally if private schools need more money they should be turning to their parents not to the public for it.

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