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Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Weatherford reveals his plan to destroy public education (rough draft)

I get that these guys hate the teacher unions, I think it’s irrational especially here in Florida where unions can’t strike but I understand that they do. What I don’t get though is why they would risk the future of millions of kids and heck the state itself to stick it to them.

Will Weatherford however is that guy and he has announced his plan to destroy public education through the use of vouchers. Now they aren’t going to be just for poor kids trapped in failing schools, his made up words, they are going to be for middle class and upper middle class kids too and now they also want to access sales taxes which pay for education, health care and a lot of other functions as well to pay for the vouchers.  

This friends is public money going to private institutions with very little oversight and if the states argument is they can do things without all the regulations that public schools have to endure then why don’t they get rid of those regulations?

You know I and others might feel better about vouchers if all the schools that took them were required to have certified teachers, recognized curriculums and took the same tests that public school kids did. And please forgive me if I don’t take the word of a group of schools that prefers to teach creationism instead of evolution and yes that’s not all the voucher schools but it is enough that we should all be concerned.
Voucher schools can pick who they take and keep, they can put requirements on parents and students alike that public schools can’t and as a group they take fewer disabled and ESOL kids and despite all that they don’t do better than public schools.

Weatherford and local school board member Jason Fischer who advocates for vouchers, how about that a school board member who has open distain for public schools both might say vouchers pay less money than the amount of money public schools get.  I would counter with nobody forces a school to take vouchers and one of the reasons we have them is the powers-that-be said the private sector could do things cheaper and more efficient.  

Bob Sykes from Scathing Purple musings pointed out some of Weatherford’s hypocrisy: first from Weatherford,  “I’d like to get to a place where there never has to be a waiting list,” said Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel. “If there’s a single mom who’s got a son or a daughter who’s stuck in a failing school, and she wants to go into the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program to give her kid a better chance in life, I would never want to say, ‘Our door is shut to you because we hit the cap and we don’t have enough room for your child.’ ”

Weatherford false meme is deliberately misleading intended for the bleeding heart. Last year there were 107 failing Florida schools – many of them charter schools for which Weatherford also flacks. Florida’s current voucher system isn’t restricted to kids in “failing schools.” Weatherford knows that. And he also knows that his new bill promises a cash bonanza for the organization which manages the program.

A cash bonanza for the people managing the program, and that should really tell you all you need to know about why it is happening. Education has stopped being about preparing children to be successful citizens and is instead about cash bonanza’s to friends of lawmakers and kneecapping unions.

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