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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trey Czar hardly endorses Cleve Warrens Charter School

This was Csar’s comment for a Fox 30 piece about the charter school.

Trey Csar with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund says there is a need for a special environment targeting young black males.

“Low-income men, particularly low-income African American men in Jacksonville, really have the worst academic outcomes of any subgroup in our public school system, so it's an area where the district is focusing a lot of energy,” said Csar.

What? Warren’s on the board of Csar’s JPEF, and that’s the best he could get out of him?

Where is the, Cleve’s the right guy for the job! He’s amazing and I can hardly wait. Where is anything remotely positive or endorsing? If anything Csar gave a nod to DCPS pointing out this is where they are focusing a lot of their energy and if that’s the case why do we need another charter school in a dilapidated mall?  

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