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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Will Rick Scott listen to professional educators or grocers, Citrus growers and Hobbyists about education?

Rick Scott is meeting with several superintendents today to discuss what they believe the educational priorities for the state should be. Remember these are our experts almost without fail they have an education background with lots of experience (except you Orange Park I am looking at you) and where I don’t always agree with mine I do recognize he was hired to be the authority in my home town.

From the Tampa Times: According to a document listing their discussion points, the superintendents plan to stress their continuing desire to have a three-year phase in of the state's next accountability system, to ensure fairness and full funding.

They also intend to talk about the need to better fund classroom technology (a Senate bill was recently filed to address that concern), to not have a standard charter school contract, to resolve dual enrollment funding disagreements, and to ensure that new curriculum mandates such as financial literacy replace existing ones rather than adding on.

I wonder if Scott will listen to them or the grocer, citrus grower who denies science and the TFA hobbyist he has placed on the board. I wonder if he will listen to the professionals or the charter school operators and voucher proponents who are looking to fill their pockets with tax payer money. Who do you think knows more about common core, the school superintendents or the chamber of commerce? I wonder who Scott will listen too.

Who wants to bet it’s not the professional educators?

1 comment:

  1. My money is that it will NOT be the educators.