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Monday, February 17, 2014

Gary Chartrand ignores teachers, superintendents’ parents and evidence.

At an education summit last week Gary “from top 50 in grocery store news to running our schools” Chartrand praised Florida’s accountability system.

Me saying it has slowed down Florida’s progress has as much validity though I think I could find evidence to back up my assertion. Regardless it dawned on me that the superintendents association and the parent teacher associations have both come out in support of a moratorium of the accountability system, something people don’t usually do if something is working. I think one of the reasons is because soon we will have a democratic governor and they will most likely blow up the farce that has damaged Florida’s education system and they want to run out the clock. Other reasons include it is a punitive not helpful system and it has been tampered with so often that it has lost all validity, not that I think it had any to begin with in the first place.

But here is Chartrand, the grocer in chief who is running our schools praising it going against what all the education principals in the state think and want. I don’t know if it hubris or narcissism or a combination of both but regardless it is time he got out of the way and let people who care about and understand our schools be in charge of our schools.   

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  1. Just hope we have a change in governors - and legislature too!