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Monday, February 24, 2014

The slippery slope of vouchers, welfare for the well off

If vouchers were used to let poor students escape failing schools (there are more failing charter schools than public schools by the way), to attend schools with certified teachers (some pay their junior college grads 12 bucks an hour) with recognized curriculums (some 164 in Florida including 12 in Jacksonville teach creationism) who took the same accountability measure as their public school counterparts then maybe we could have a conversation, but they don’t.

\And now the real intention of vouchers has been revealed and that’s to create a welfare system for the well off.  A recent bill in the Florida legislature has just proposed it.

From Redefined Ed: Partial scholarships for higher-income students. The scholarship amount would be reduced in proportion to the size of the income. At the top, a student whose household income is 260 percent of poverty, or $62,010 for a household of four, would be eligible for a 50 percent scholarship.

Vouchers are not here to help students, they are here to kneecap unions, handicap schools, funnel public money to religious institutions and if we allow them to continue to provide welfare for the well off, which is what I think their original intent was all along. You want to talk vouchers? Go back to paragraph one and we can start there.

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