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Monday, February 24, 2014

It is a good thing Times Union reporters don't get VAM scores!

From a reader: Reaction to VAM Publishing

Dear Times Union Dear Editor,

I have an idea. Since you’re so interested in publishing partial information about people’s job performance, let’s implement a new pay for performance system at the Times-Union. Effective today, reporters and editors for the T-U will only be assessed for the number of times that their stories are actually read. They will not be assessed on the quality of those daily stories, or for any quality whatsoever. We will not take into account the hours spent researching or preparing those stories. We will not take into account that their is no truly accurate way to measure this between internet, mobile, and print versions of the Times-Union.

We will ignore all other contributions you make to the community, or to the paper. We will only take that partial information, and at the end of a calendar year, use it to determine whether or not you deserve a raise next year. Then we will take that information about you, and publish a huge cover story highlighting your quality based solely on this one, rather inaccurate, and not at all fair, measurement.

Do you feel that is unfair? Do you feel like your dignity has been stripped from you in public? Do you feel like your worth in your job is miserable? Do you feel like your community doesn’t support you? Welcome to teaching in the state of Florida. Thanks for your “contribution” to making hard-working teachers feel that much more appreciated.

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