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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Could Wayne Weaver be a little more disrespectful to teachers?

In an article talking about merit pay for teachers he said, “We know we have pockets of great teachers in some of the schools…”

Oh wow thanks Wayne for that glowing endorsement, out of the thousand or so teachers at our schools that don’t perform well on standardized tests, coincidentally the same schools that are also mired in poverty, there are pockets of great teachers at a few of them.

I have a different take. I think the vast majority of the teachers at our high poverty schools are great. Unfortunately they get little support, are overburdened by tasks that have little to do with education and are put in positions where success is unlikely. If they have one fault, it’s not their effort or desire, it’s the fact they can’t completely over come poverty but I shutter to think where their kids would be without them.

Wayne’s solution is to throw money at the problem and cross his fingers.

Wayne should stick to talking about shoes. 

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