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Monday, February 17, 2014

Florida’s accountability system, end it don’t mend it.

You know when it first started they said it was so they could identify failing schools but the truth is it was so they could find what neighborhoods they could sneak charter schools into.  Fast-forward nearly fourteen years and pretty much everyone understands what a disaster it is. Well everyone but Gary Chartrand who recently praised it, Pam Stewart who seems to be living in Egypt near de nile, re: common core won’t cost anything for another example and Jeb Bush whose entire identity and presidential hopes rest on it being successful. 

Recently the superintendents association and the parent teacher association have come up for a grading moratorium. Friends um isn’t that everybody haven’t all the relevant parties spoken and said no more?

Should we know how schools are doing? Definitely but we don’t need is a system designed to hurt schools and speed up the privatization agenda.

To read a bit more in this history of the accountability system click the links:

There was no Florida miracle instead there was a Florida hoodwink:

End it don’t mend it, from the Tampa Times editorial Board:

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