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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why are there no African Americans on Florida’s State Board of education?

Nearly 4 million African Americans live in Florida and not one is on the state board of education. Now I am sure if Scott were to appoint one they would have come from the banking or health care sector but shouldn’t there at least one black guy or woman on the board? In fact the board is not only woefully lacking in education experience it is woefully lacking in color too, Gary Chartrands , George Hamilton like tan non-withstanding.  Only one member banker John Colan looks like his ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower.

To get a better vibe about who is ruining our schools, click the link:

1 comment:

  1. A reader wrote that board member John Colan was black. My first thought was what?!? After watching the last board meeting, there is noway I picked that up but it turns out I was wrong. Reading his bio it says he was a gubernatorial appointment to the Florida Black Business Investment Board in 2009 and I am pretty sure that is reserved just for African Americans.

    But you know what, I think this is even worse. The African American community has been kneecapped over and over by the state, they have kept young african american men from reaching their potential like it is their job and for this guy to assist in it willing is disgusting.

    So yeah I got it wrong and for that I apologize but at the end of the day Colan and the entire board are on the wrong side of decency.

    As for the other comments the reader made, well its because of people like them I have to screen my comments.