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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Owner of five Jacksonville charter schools won’t send his children to one of his schools

Jonathon Hage owner of Charter Schools USA who operates five Charter Schools in Jacksonville and 58 overall does not send his school age children to one of his schools. This is just another example of how these edu-mercenaries have different ideas when it comes to educating other people’s children.

From Coral

Charter Schools USA operates 58 schools in several states, including Florida, for a combined 48,000 students, however, Charter Schools USA Founder Jonathan Hage along with his wife Sherry, Chief Academic Officer, send all four of their children to Pine Crest Schools – a private school

 Tuition for four children at Pine Crest Schools costs over $100,000 a year. In addition to the annual tuition, the Hages are big donors to the school and last year donated over $10,000 to their annual fund.

Broward County has “school choice” which means parents can choose to send their children to any public or charter schools they want as long as it has space and so long as the parents can provide the transportation. And the Hage’s certainly have the right. But what does that say about their own schools if they’re not good enough for their own children?

If driving is an issue from their $1.8 million home in Coral Ridge Country Club, rest assured. There are parents all over Broward County driving their children to schools, including theirs, that are even further.

Charters Schools USA runs seven schools in Broward County including: Coral Springs Charter School, Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science, North Broward Academy of Excellence and Renaissance Charter Schools in Coral Springs, Cooper City, Plantation and Tamarac.
Charters Schools USA receive $5,705 per student from the state of Florida. This doesn’t even include additional millions in facilities funding as well as advanced placement (AP) fees.
Let’s just do the math: With 8,600 students attending their seven schools in Broward County, this brings in over $49 million dollars annually for Charters Schools USA.
His schools not being good enough for his own kids coupled with the opulent lifestyle he has created off educating people’s children, you can bet our superintendent who oversees three times as many schools doesn’t live in a 1.8 million dollar home, should tell you all you need to know.

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  1. I am not surprised that Mr. Hage does not have confidence in his charter schools. They are nothing more than profit oriented to drain off public money to Mr. Hage and they are not really institutions for excellence in education. He cannot fool the people because they know a con man when they see one.