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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

These are your leaders in Tallahassee; it’s their own interests they serve

Governor Rick Scott (r) as a candidate promised not to cut education but then did so by 1.3 billion dollars. Please don’t be fooled by the billion dollars he claims to be putting back in, much of that is smoke and mirrors. Over the last two years he has amassed a 300 million dollar publically funded war chest to encourage business to move here despite the fact we have one of the lowest tax rates in the nation

JD Alexander (r), chairman of the senate budget committee wants a 12th State University in Lakeland. University of South Florida following the board of regent’s plans has a three year plan to separate its Lakeland campus. That’s not fast enough for Alexander who slashed over a hundred million dollars from USF’s budget.

Bill Proctor (r) on his way out due to term limits is proposing giving the Florida School for the deaf and blind eminent domain over the surrounding properties despite the fact the city doesn’t want it and declining enrollment suggests they don’t need it.

Mike Hadropolis (r), the senate president, kicked Mike Fassano off the budget committee when he balked at privatizing prisons, something Hadropollis and Alexander have tried to ram through despite dubious evidence that it would save money. He was also paid hudreds of thousands of dollars to write a 200 age book that sold a few hundred copies.

Steve Wise (r) and Janet Adkins (r) both have taken money from charter school lobbyists and then turned around and introduced or supported pro charter school legislation which often comes at the detriment to public schools. They aren’t the only ones though; some two dozen other republicans and one democrat also have taken money from charter school concerns.

John Thrasher, wow, if I started I don’t think I would be able to stop.

What have any of them done to improve your standard of living?

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