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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Charter Schools are “Not” Public Schools

Former education commissioner and defacto charter school lobbyist Jim Horne disagrees. In an article in the Times Union he said: Dialogue this year got everyone on the same page, . He said everyone now agrees charters are public schools and deserve some public funding — they just differ on how much.

Maybe, Horne said, it was a case of trying to get too much, too soon.

“I’ll be the first to admit that we wanted to go from the starting gun to the finish line,” he said. “When you’re dealing with a very complicated subject it takes a little bit more time to get there.”

Mr. Horne what don't you understand?

Most charter schools are for profit or are non profit arms of for profit companies. Public schools are not for profit.

Charter schools have multiple lobbies that don’t coordinate with public schools.

Charter schools are excused of many of the accountability rules (senate bill 736 for example) that public schools have to follow.

Charter schools are run by non democratically elected boards. Public schools are run by people elected by the people.

Charter schools can take who they want and kick out who they want and are notoriously bad at taking English as a second language and disabled kids. Public school educate anybody who shows up.

Charter schools in Florida are not laboratories of parent and teacher driven innovation what they were designed to be, they are for profit private schools paid for with public money.

No Mr. Horne we do not all agree that charter schools are public schools.
To see the Times Union article, paste below into your window.

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