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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is the Fix for the new superintendent in?

I am troubled by the notion that Betty Burney and the Board will be meeting with the Center for Reform of School Systems. This group is financed by the Broad foundation and they or their satellite organizations have been known to support corporate refroms such as vouchers, charter schools, high stakes testing, performance pay for teachers and recently the parent trigger movement. Parent Revolution the organization responsible for the parent trigger legislation like the Center for Reform of Schools Systems receives funding from the broad foundation.

The Broad foundation also runs a superintendent academy, the mission of which is to move professionals from their current careers in business, the military, law and the government into superintendents and upper-level management positions of urban public school districts. Then in their new positions, they can implement the foundation’s corporate reform agenda.

Then you couple this with their speeding up of the time table for hiring the new super and thus far how they have kept the public at arms length during the process is all very troubling.

We should be concerned and pay very close attention to the hiring process of the next superintendent.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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