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Monday, March 26, 2012

Duval County celebrates little victories

Everyday teachers get what I call the daily propaganda sheet. It is where the district celebrates and informs (sometimes distorts and misinforms too if you ask me). This was an item on today’s sheet.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution published an article over the weekend regarding cheating on student tests throughout the nation. Duval County Public Schools is not listed as one of the districts that is flagged for further examination. We were not contacted by the newspaper as part of their story examining more than 200 districts in the US.

Does anybody else found it interesting that the county felt the need to announce that currently we aren’t caught up in a cheating scandal?

In case you were wondering the article (through their search engine) said about seven and a half percent of our tests were red flagged (five percent is normal) over the last two years and Duval County had some of the highest percentages of red flags in the state.

That of course did not make the Daily Propaganda sheet.

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