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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peter Rummell, goes from hero to zero

In the fall when peter Rummell crossed party lines to support Alvin Brown he was hailed as a hero who put what was best for the city over politics.

Fast-forward six months and all of a sudden he is a goat drawing the ire of Betty Burney and Jake Godbold and all because Mr. Rummell expressed concerns over the direction the school board was taking our schools.

Friends we should all have concerns with the direction the school board has been taking our schools. Betty Burney, Martha Barrett who Jake Godbold is supporting and Jake Godbld represent the status quo, which is nearly a decade of bad decisions that have hurt our city and it’s children.

If it turns out Mr. Rummell has some insidious plan to take over our schools lets cross that bridge when we come to it but in the meantime lets not forget about the terrible job that the board has done and lets not give them four more years to do more damage.

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