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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More (school) district officials desert sinking ship

Micheal Perrone the districts six figure Chief Financial Officer announced, like the deputy superintendent did a few weeks ago, that he was leaving the district.

You might remember his one big accomplishment, helping hide over a hundred million dollars while the district pled poverty, fired people and cut programs. They also reduced salaries too, though his, 120,000, strangely enough did not take a hit. In fact it had gone up by over twenty thousand dollars since 2008. When did the recession start again?

He is just the second of which I am sure will be many district people leaving the county. Their patron Ed Pratt-Dannals forced out by the one moment of clarity the school board has had in the last five years and after reading what he had to say, (according to the Times Union) Perrone said district officials didn't try to hide the money. The large reserve was not explicitly part of the three-month-long budget discussions the School Board had last year as it grappled with finding $91 million in cuts to balance its budget. (didn’t try, not explicitly??), I don’t think he will be missed.

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