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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jacksonville's leaders out of tune with the reality of our schools

Former Mayor Jake Godbold ripped into business leader Peter Rummell for his widely-rumored plans to run several retired CEOs as candidates for four upcoming School Board seats.

Godbold made the comments Wednesday in front of a who’s who in Jacksonville leadership during a fundraising event for incumbent board member Martha Barrett. Rummell is chairman of the Jacksonville Civic Council. (from the Times Union)

He made the comments in front of a who’s who in Jacksonville’s leadership. A who's who.

In case you didn’t know it, Ms. Barrett is running for her fourth term as school board member. Our schools have regressed under her supposed leadership and are currently heading in the wrong direction under her supposed leadership.

For any of the who’s who in Jacksonville’s leadership to support her is a travesty.

Do you think are schools are better off than they were four, eight or even 12 years ago? Do you think they are heading in the right direction? It shows just how out of touch our town’s who’s who in leadership is if they would think for an instant about supporting her.

To support her is to support more failed policies which do our children and city a disservice.

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