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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is more important? Passing a class anyway possible or being on time, acting properly, attending regularly and doing ones work?

Duval County has traded attendance, being on time, proper behavior and doing ones work for grade recovery. They have traded student accountability for a few percentage points added to the graduation rate.

In doing so the superintendent and school board have handicapped our children because friends there is no grade recovery in college or at work.

What would happen if you missed five to ten days every nine weeks?

Were late 20 times a month?

Occasionally felt you could tell off your boss?

Or made no effort at all for eight weeks and then tried to make everything up in one?

Would you still have a job?

Then why can kids do these things and pass a class? What lessons are we really teaching and what lessons do we want kids to learn?

But hey our graduation rate inched up a bit.


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