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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is the Duval County School Board looking for a non-educator to run our schools?

First they have plans to meet with the Center for Reform of School Systems. This group is financed by the Broad foundation. The Broad foundation runs a superintendent academy, the mission of which is to move professionals from their current careers in business, the military, law and the government into superintendents and upper-level management positions of urban public school districts. Then in their new positions, they can implement the foundation’s corporate reform agenda.

Then in the Times Union when discussing hiring a search firm, W.C. Gentry said, "We're letting the search firms know that we want to know their experience in both a superintendent search as well as a so-called non-traditional search, which is more of an executive search."

Is he setting Jacksonville up for the possibility of a non educator taking the helm of our schools? This is a distinct possibility coming from Mr. Gentry as he was never a educator and over his last four years as he let the superintendent run roughshod over the district he hasn’t shown much support for teachers either. He with his letter of the law mentality has shown he doesn’t always understand the importance of educators.

One of the biggest problems education has is non-educators thinking they can just walk right in and save the day. I am not saying teachers have all the answers but since they are the ones who work directly with the kids and can see what works and doesn’t work they are in a much better position to come up with solutions.

I am not so sure if Mr. Gentry has realized that yet.

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