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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What school board is Jake Godbold talking about?

In the Times Union when speaking about Peter Rummell and the school board this is what former Mayor Jake Godbold had to say.

“Something I absolutely disagree with that group is…Rummell decided, Peter Rummell, that he was going to form a group of men, retired executives with a lot of brains and put them in each School Board district no matter who ran,” Godbold said. “Whether they were an incumbent, had done a good job, had worked hard, had a good record, didn’t matter.

Um, hmm, exactly what school board member is the former Mayor talking about? It’s not a member in Jacksonville that is for sure! The veterans on the board have been horrific for the city and its children. None have done a good job, none have a good record and if they have worked hard then I haven’t seen it.

The former mayor is completely out of touch with what is and has been happening in our schools.

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget Vicki Reynolds and a couple of the cluster executive directors are also leaving.