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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something to think about before giving the Time Union your opinion about the school board.

When you are giving them your opinion I hope you think about these things.

The school board plead poverty while sitting on over a hundred million dollars; salaries were cut, people lost their jobs and programs were ended.

How Schools for the Future became a disaster and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How we routinely waste over a million dollars a year by forcing kids into advanced placement classes and then making then take tests they have no business taking.

How they came up with no solutions for the problems in the intervene schools except to move administrators around and then eventually gave control of the schools and 2 million dollars to an EMO.

The rock bottom morale of our teachers.

How we are ranked 50th out of 67 in academic achievement.

How a lack of discipline and grade recovery have ruined student accountability.

That they are bringing in TFA teachers while local teachers and college of ed grads can’t find jobs.

They gave KIPP permission to expand despite the fact they had the lowest scores in Northeast Florida.

The boards cavalier attitude about how they kept the process which they fired the superintendent a secret.

Our 63% overall graduation rate, inflated by grade recovery and social promotions and it is only 54% for African American kids by the way

I could go on but that should give you something to consider when giving the Times Union your opinion.

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