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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jake Godbold offends me (rough draft)

Jake Godbold offends me

First there was Colts fever and if you know what that was I am sorry to bring it up. If you don’t it’s best you leave it that way.

Then he threw a fundraiser for Martha Barrett. Ms. Barrett is running for her fourth term on the school board and been on the board for arguably the worse eight years sense segregation. She has been on a board that has destroyed teacher morale and ended student accountability along with many other decisions that have hurt both teachers and children.

Then the former mayor has the nerve to question bussinessman Peter Rummells aims and refer to some secret master plan. Up to this point all Mr. Rummell has done is express concern about the direction the board is taking our schools a concern we should all share.

In questioning Mr. Rummell he said (reported in a Times Union article), Rummell decided, Peter Rummell, that he was going to form a group of men, retired executives with a lot of brains and put them in each School Board district no matter who ran, whether they were an incumbent, had done a good job, had worked hard, had a good record, didn't matter. He thought that these retired, pinstriped, blue-eyed, blonde-head guys would be the best person to run for and represent him on the School Board. They're going to keep on with that kind of crap and they're going to ruin public education."
He basicaly, with no real idea what Mr. Rummells plan is, implied he was going to bring his Nazi friends in to take over the schools. Make no mistake friends that when Goldbod was reffering to with his blond haired, blueyed executives crack.

Mr. Goldbold, Martha Barrett is ruining education and you are supporting her. Do we really need years 11, 12, 13 and 14 before we figure out she can’t do the job?

Mr. Goldbold you and your uninformed views and Nazi references offend me.

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