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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will he, won't he, will he, won't he, the W.C. Gentry saga

W.C. Gentry only ran for school board after a failed attempt to join the state legislature. His ample fortune at least assisted his run and he has been on the board for arguably the worse four years since the city was segregated. Teacher morale plummeted, student accountability was eradicated and the district despite its claims to the contrary, is in a much worse place than it as four years ago.

Is he running for school board again? Who knows? Last year he told the audience of First Coast Connect that he wouldn’t but then did an about face and indicated to other board members and the Times Union that he would. Now according to the Times Union he may try and join the state legislature or he might run for school board, he doesn’t know yet.

Friends in District 7, is he who you want representing you and your children? A man who can’t decide what job he wants and if that is the case the reasons he wants the job must be unclear too. Couples that with his recent distain for the public with his letter of the law notes when the decision to fire the superintendent was made, I can’t help but think the city can do better and the children of Jacksonville deserve better.

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