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Friday, March 30, 2012

Duval's sinking ship

The superintendent says he hopes we don’t lose a lot of god people. I agree, I hope we don’t lose any good people, the people we need to lose is Pratt-Dannals people.

One of the biggest problems we have here in the county is a lack of leadership and that’s because whom you know rather than ability has been more important when determining promotions and positions. Pratt-Dannals promotes his people and then they drag their people along with them. Then if they fail they don’t have much to worry about as they are often promoted out or transferred to another schol where they can continue to do their damage, our management style mirroring the Catholic church of the sixties and seventies.

Then look at his inner circle which has dozens of people making six figures, the price of loyalty and hurting kids and teachers apparently has at least five zeroes behind a one. If he says we have to pay top dollar for top talent, Duval County has both got a bad deal and then has insulted it’s teaching staff who is underpaid compared to the state and national averages.

Even if we get the right guy to replace him it will be years before we recover from Pratt-Dannals.

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