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Friday, March 30, 2012

Forty-seven Duval County school board employees make over 100 thousand dollars.

A handful are principals but the majority are administrators, who don’t have any direct student responsibilities. I am all for people making money but why are they making so much money? Nobody would do the job for eighty thousand dollars? Be careful if you use the, to attract talent you need to pay for it, argument because you might just insult seven thousand teachers.

I understand principals making a low six figure salary but of the group of forty-seven they are at the bottom, with most of the wealth concentrated at 1701 Prudential Drive in the superintendents inner circle.

Click the blog title or paste below in your browser to see who is making what.

1 comment:

  1. Chris, I normally agree with you about everything in education but Duval County Public Schools is one of the larges urban city districts in the nation. Compared to other districts, our administrators are actually underpaid. Look at Orange, Broward, Dade, Hillsborough Counties. All of their deputy superintendents earn a salary over $200,000. Our deputy's salary is $160,000 and she has not had a raise in her five years on the job, and you and I both have. She did not do a good job as Deputy but she wore herself out day in and day out trying to figure out how to best operate our schools. Regardless of the high salaries, there is not enough money in the world to pay any educator who does the right thing enough for the job we do. Besides, my salary is in the high 90s and after taxes, it ain't that much.