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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Does Jake Godbold or Peter Rummell have our schools best interests at heart? (rough draft)

Let me just say I share Peter Rummell’s frustration at how our schools have been run over the last decade. The board and superintendent have destroyed teacher morale, ruined student accountability and made one horrific decision that has hurt kids after another.

So if Jake Godbold was endorsing Martha Barrett or any other veteran member of the school board when he was calling out Rummell and the civic council then he showed how ignorant he is about what is happening in our schools. To embrace the status quo is to embrace policies that have held back our city and hurt our kids.

However if Mr. Godbold was correct when he described Mr. Rummell’s plans to put business leaders on the board then Mr. Rummell is equally wrong.

One of the biggest problems are schools have had is they have been run by politicians either on the way up or way down or people who aren’t in education foolish enough to think they can fix the problems in education. You see everybody has been in a classroom so they think they understand the problems and issues and have solutions but they are usually wrong and the city and its children have often paid the price for their hubris. You know what friends, everybody has been in a doctor’s office too but not everybody thinks they can be a doctor and rightfully so.

Ask yourself a couple questions. Is the school system better off than it was eight years ago and do you think it is heading in the right direction? If you answered no to either then voting for Barrett and Burney doesn’t make sense.

Next do you think it takes the same skills to teach a class of 25 teenagers, with 25 different personalities, interests and desires, who are on a half dozen different levels, while dealing with their parents too as it does to manage a business? If you answered no, then if Rummell’s plan was described correctly then that doesn’t make sense either.

Of course little we have done about education around here has made sense for quite some time.

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