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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Gary Chartrand homophobic too? Union members, black kids, poor kids, who is next?

Is Gary Chartrand homophobic too? Union members, black kids, poor kids, what is next?

How is this guy allowed near education again? From the I can’t make this up category, today at Florida’s education summit he said: Florida Board Chairman Gary Chartrand suggested that the state look for a curriculum or instructional materials for Common Core that "align with Florida's values and culture." He said reading lists could upset people; particularly in they mentioned topics such as socialism or homosexuality.

Where do I start? Oh I know, throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

Replacing professional teachers with scabs is not a value I share but it is a value he has. I am not a big fan of raced based goals or handicapping those schools, neighborhoods and students that can least afford it either.  Charters, A-F grading scale and ignoring poverty anyone?

Next reading lists should be about expanding horizons and boundaries, opening up student’s minds and allowing them to explore.  They shouldn’t be narrowed to reflect Gary Chartrand’s supposed values. 

Chartrand talks about values and then proposes we ignore homosexuals as if they didn't exist. I guess for him it would be better if they were all back in the closet.


  1. As someone who knows Gary Chartrand personally, I will tell you he is NO WAY homophobic. This blog is absolutely libelous and I will be reporting it.

  2. Sigh, if you are a friend of Gary Chartrand, I hope you aren’t his smart friend. When Mr. Chartrand mentions, Florida Values and the need to keep homosexuality under wraps, he opens himself up to these type questions, and that’s what I did, I asked a question. Now I can suspect he hates homosexuals, just like I suspect he hates union members, I just can’t say it.

    Now let’s talk about the first amendment, which gives me the right to ask questions because you obviously like Chartrand a lot more than that.

    If you had the guts to post your name rather than comment as anonymous I would report you to the lack of sense of authorities.