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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gary Chartrand sorry to see Bennett go.

From ReDefined Ed: “It’s unfortunate and I’m very saddened,” said Florida Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand, who was attending the KIPP conference in Las Vegas Thursday. “I told him, ‘We think the world of you and we’ll weather the storm together.’ But he made the decision to leave. Obviously, the turnover is not a good situation.”

Imagine that, Chartrand is sorry to see somebody who hates teachers and massages data as much as he does go. They also worked very closely together to destroy Florida’s accountability system. Now it wasn’t much before but at least it wasn’t the laughing stock of the country.

Mr. Chartrand the teachers of Florida are not sorry to see him go and we won’t be sorry to see you go either. And that storm you spoke about is you and the other ed deformers looking to privatize our schools. I just hope Florida can weather you a little while longer because I really believe your tenure is about to be up too.

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