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Friday, August 30, 2013

Jeb Bush’s money woes

Jeb Bush says we are spending too much money on education and that we are not getting a return on our investment. I wonder if he thought the same way when he sent his children to a private school that cost 28 thousand dollars a year and had small classes to boot.

It’s okay for him to throw money at HIS children’s education and for them to have small classes and a well-rounded curriculum but YOUR child’s school spends too much. Speaking of spending too much money, we are the richest nation in the history of the world, shouldn’t we be spending the most? Why is that a bad thing? Bush obviously thinks it is okay to spend a lot of money on his kid’s education.

Furthermore don't think for a second, having a student centered approach to education is his goal? What does that mean anyways? Do you think any student ever chose to be tested 20 days a year, be put in a one size fits all curriculum and had those things that made school bearable to so many sucked out? No friends it is money, as in the money his family, friends and supporters stand to make.  

In his video he goes on to say our schools lag behind the rest of the world but the truth is when you factor out poverty, something bush has never heard of, our school’s scores zoom to the top of list.

So at the end what do we have from Bush? Half-truths and hypocrisy. 

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