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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Did Pam Stewart get the job of ed commissioner full time?

In her please don’t look at who is pulling my puppet strings (Jeb Bush) letter to teachers she wrote:

As your Commissioner of Education, our charge as educators to help them realize those possibilities is no less significant to me on this day than it was when I served as a teacher, school principal or administrator.

Notice no interim there? Okay fair enough but this next part kind of got me going:

During the past few weeks as commissioner, I have been inspired by the clear message I have received from everyone I’ve spoken with - parents and teachers, Governor Scott and other state officials, superintendents and business leaders: make Florida's education system the best it can be so that all students succeed in college, careers and in life.

Clear message from everybody? Are you counting all the teachers and parents that have pushed back against the high stakes testing and privatization agenda that Tallahassee has been championing?

Are you talking about the same Governor Scott that promised all teachers a 2,500 dollar raise an amount that it looks more and more like they aren’t going to get? Or is that the same governor Scott who cut billions from education and stole 3% of teachers pay to balance the books of Florida while giving tax breaks to friends?

Are you talking about the business leaders, like the Chamber of Commerce who have been  spreading lies and misinformation about the Florida Pension fund? Or are you talking about charter school and testing companies who seek to profit off our children?

I imagine you and I would not agree on much.

She continued:

Florida's teachers have helped our students achieve in ways that many did not think possible. We have come too far not to continue our steady improvements in how we teach and learn. 

Well Pam, how about paying us for all our toil now. Aren’t you a little embarrassed that Florida ranks at the bottom of the pay scale? And if not why not?

She finished with:

I am grateful for each of you and the care and talent you contribute to the education of our students, and for making Florida the best place in the nation to learn, to work and to live.

Unless you are an over worked, under paid, scapegoat, err teacher that is.

Mrs. Stewart may your reign be short. 

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