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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Parents of Kirby Smith Middle school students, be sure to pack a snack

Kirby Smith’s school day starts at 8:10 and goes to 2:55. If your kids an 8th grader his lunch starts at 9:30, which for many I imagine is just 90 minutes after when they ate breakfast, give or take a few minutes. Over the summer I called 9:30 breakfast and I imagine many of you did too.

Then from 10 till sometime after 2:55 these hormone raging, fast growing adolescents are expected to power through.

That however isn’t the most shocking thing going on at Kirby Smith, supposedly one of the best schools the district has to offer.  No the most disturbing thing is Kirby doesn’t have enough teachers and a lot of its kids are forced to spend hours in the auditorium doing nothing. Kids will likely lose weeks of instruction time.

I am reminded of the saying you only have one time to make a first impression. Color me unimpressed.   

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