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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Since 2010 Florida has changed its school accountability system 16 times.

Since 2010 Florida has changed its school accountability system 16 times.

I don’t think this is a coincidence with the Florida Legislatures rush to privatize our public schools either.

It’s no secret that Tallahassee is hell bent to privatize our public schools and that money not a quality education for children drives their policies. The Miami herald recently reported that schools in poor neighborhoods don’t do as well on standardized tests as the schools in affluent neighborhoods do. Well friends the state just sees more customers for vouchers and charter schools there.

Then think about this, when a charter school wanted to open in St. Johns County, John Thrasher infamously asked why a charter school would want to open there, because charter schools were for poor districts and neighborhoods, where the customers are (emphasis mine).

School grades have been used as a mechanism for privatization, not as an indicator of quality instruction and the reason I know this is because nobody in Tallahassee has ever proposed switching the faculties at the schools that perform both the best and the worst on standardized tests. They don’t do this because they know at the end of the day the poor school will still be struggling and the rich school will still be doing well.

The grading system that we have now hurts poor, children, schools and neighborhoods but sure does make money for charter schools and tutoring companies.

To read more click the link:

This timeline from the Florida Department of Education shows changes to the school grading formula since 1999.

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