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Friday, August 2, 2013

Some damning facts about the school reform movement

Tony Bennett says his grade change helped 13 schools but what he doesn’t mention is 12 of them were charter schools and one was a virtual school. He also doesn’t mention that two public schools were in the same boat as his beloved charter school was in the year before and he didn’t lift a finger to help them.

I guess he expects us to just believe it is coincidence that Bennett received 130 thousand dollars from the operator of Christel house.

It also never came up that his wife accepted a lucrative job with a charter school outfit that he awarded contracts to.

Finally about Bennett anyways, does an innocent guy who believes he did the right thing really quit after just two days?

There is big money in education reform and unfortunately for most of our kids this money is taken out of the classroom and put in the pockets of hedge fund managers and charter school operators who coincidently are big donors to REPUBLICAN lawmakers.

How many teachers were forced out of the profession and how many kids were shortchanged because of their policies, so they their cronies, friends, many time family members and campaign donors can make a buck? How many more will be before we say enough is enough?

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