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Sunday, August 25, 2013

11 reasons not to like Common Core

By Mike Harris

Common Core............
1. Developmentally inappropriate especially for Pre-k-8 kids.
2. Tied to high stakes testing that is used to judge schools and teachers more than student learning.
3. Tied to Privatization efforts and the dismantling of Public Education.
4. Tied to Corporate efforts to get taxpayer $$$ from privatizing.
5. Takes away community control of education.
6. Not supported by research yet being rushed.....a giant expensive gamble that makes kids guinea pigs.
7. Several states are withdrawing as local and state legislators start learning and listening to educators.
8. Along with Common Core, testing regimen will cost huge $$$ for technology requirements.
9. Narrowing of curriculum as schools scramble for "good" test scores in order to maintain funding.
10. Diversity of learning styles and teacher use of differentiated instruction to be replaced by "scripts", provided handsomely by such self-interested corporations such as Pearson.........
11. Assumes, without credible evidence, that public education is in dire need of drastic and radical change.

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