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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jeb Bush blames everybody but himself for the state of education.

In the National Review on-line Jeb Bush blamed Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck: This (common core) is not the establishment of a national curriculum. Contrary to what Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck tell you, higher standards won’t harm parental choice, indoctrinate our children with a secret liberal agenda, or infringe on the privacy of student data.
President Obama: And President Obama’s embrace of the standards as his idea has given the appearance that they are a Washington edict. It has politicized the issue and complicated the understanding of who initiated and led the development of these higher standards. 
Teachers and their unions:  The reason there has been little innovation in public education is there has been little competition. We are confronted with opposition from unions and bureaucracies because they fear the loss of jobs and bloated pensions.
That about covered his blame tour though he left out himself. The truth however is his FCAT, A-F school grading policy and his dismissal of teachers have done more to harm education than anything any of above has done. Next time he starts to pass the blame around he should start with the man in the mirror first.

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