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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Step up for Students takes Florida’s taxpayer to the cleaners, spends 1.5 million in tax payer money to lobby for more tax payer money

Only in Florida is this possible. The state of Florida gave Step up for Students 6.9 million dollars in 2012 to manage the states voucher program. Step up for Students then turned around and spent 1.5 million dollars to support pro voucher candidates who would presumably funnel more money into the states vouchers program meaning the state would give Step up for Students even more money.And if you just said “what the beep” then you aren’t the only one.

According to the state’s own voucher expert, students that attend private schools with vouchers don’t experience better education outcomes than their public school counterparts which means the state government would rather line the pockets of private enterprises with management fees (see most charter schools as well) than invest in our students and schools.  


  1. People accuse Democrat legislatures and Teachers Unions of this all the time. Is this an example of seeing your own fault in your enemy?

  2. First it is not just a thing democrats do, the guy who ran against brown courted and received both the firefighter and police unions vote as did Peyton. DTU endorsed Ashley Smith Juarez who was also endorsed by Jeb Bush. I know strange bedfellows right. There is also a difference especially in Florida where people volunteer to join the union and volunteer to pay dues. SUFS is a private entity spending public money to get more public money.

    Finally, I don't consider public service unions the enemy. Society should want to pay them as much as they can afford. It will attract the best workers who will provide better services, they will invariably spend their money locally which helps the local economy and as public service workers wages rise so do private sector workers.