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Thursday, August 8, 2013

More shame for Tony Bennett.

Three of the people he brought with his from Indian are now out of a job, Deputy chancellor for strategic initiatives Anna Shults, who had been the department's Common Core standard bearer, Katie Stephens, director of Common Core communications and Dale Chu his chief of staff have all left.

Bad news for them is probably good news for Florida.

Then State Impact Indiana is reporting he used his staff on work time to do opposition research against his political opponents.

“Hey,” former state superintendent Tony Bennett wrote to his staff in one of the emails the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published Thursday.
“Below is a link to Glenda [Ritz's] forum in Bloomington,” Bennett, a Republican, wrote. “I would ask that people watch this and scrub it for every inaccuracy and utterance of stupidly [sic] that comes put [sic] of her mouth.”
While the Journal Gazette‘s report did not speak to the controversy surrounding the ex-schools chief’s changing of Indiana’s A-F grading system, reporter Niki Kellypoints out, “State rules prohibit employees from conducting campaign work on state equipment or state time.”

Not quite at the level of changing a grade to benefit a donor but more proof Bennett felt he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.

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