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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Did Connie Hall, school board district 5, lie to Florida’s ethics commission?

In a report from the ethics commission about an investigation into Betty Burney dated 7/31/13, it says, Dr. Hall confirmed that she is president of Ready for Tomorrow and has served in this position since the creation of the corporation. She advised that in November 2012, she was elected to the seat on the Duval County School Board that was vacated by the Respondent. She noted that Ready for Tomorrow currently is active in name only, as the corporation became dormant when she began campaigning in June 2012 for the respondents seat on the board.

Um, if that is the case, then why was Ready for Tomorrow poised to get a 459,000-dollar contract from the school board in August, some two months after she says the company went dormant?

She was all set to take the money until August 14th when she abruptly cancelled the contract. Looking at a calendar it says August comes after June.

Furthermore the district Lawyer in the same report says the District paid Mrs. Hall’s Achieve Instill and Inspire foundation, 97.400 the same year the Foundation reported 86,450 in income. Can somebody please tell me where that 10k is?

I don’t know what’s more appalling, the lies, the missing money or the lack of interest the local media, sans the Folio article, have shown.


  1. What is most appalling is that you are a sore loser! Could it be possible that the media has shown a lack of interest because it is apparent to everyone ( except you and a few of your sick friends) that (1) You cannot get over losing; and (2)That jealousy and hatred for Betty Burney and now Connie Hall have consumed your thoughts. Please pull yourself up and stop letting hatred and jealousy control your life. Also, if you understood anything about business you would understand that companies do not get the full amount at the beginning of the contract. Agencies have to draw down based on reports. Why don't you simply ask the Principals of those schools what they thought of Ready For Tomorrow...if you do that then possibly you would stop this craziness. God help you!

  2. I usually don't publish nasty comments especially if they are from anonymous, I don't necessarily liked to be called out, but if it is legitimate I will listen to it, it does me no good to lie, exaggerate or get things wrong, that only hurts my argument.

    Now to address your comments. Who cares what I think or how I feel, if Mrs. Hall mislead the ethics commission, even her supporters should be troubled by it. Elected officials should strive to be honest in all instances and the truth is Tomorrow was very active until at least the middle of August some two months after she said it was dormant.

    As for your assertion that her business may have received funds over two different years, well listen to my evidence. Chastain the district lawyers in the ethics report said from January 1 2011 to June 15th 2011 Tomorrow received 97,400 from the district. Then according to Tomorrows tax returns, from July 1st 2010 to June 30th 2011, they took in 86,450 dollars. Now I am not a tax guy but that seems pretty damning.

    Finally in the future before you slam me, remember we can have our own opinions but we have to share facts and I am doing the best I can to get them right, all you are doing is closing your eyes.

  3. Ugh, replace Achieve Instill and Inspire wherever I wrote Tomorrow in the third paragraph above.

  4. Keep up the good work Chris.

  5. Chris if you are going to expose board members' non-profit connections and the forking over of funds by DCPS to certain organizations, you would be far more fair and balanced if you looked at the entire board. When you fixate on only a few you run the risk of look catty, as the first poster noted. This is more a culture within the city and for a few more board members with prominent families than the two who keep your focus. I'm not saying don't focus on them, I'm saying if you're going to expose things, look into connections for all.

  6. Just about every board member has had blogs about them, and I can only write about what I learn about. If anybody can steer me to other things I would be glad to try and tackle them. I don't go through my days thinking how can I get Hall and Burney but when the latest ethics report was dropped off at my door I thought I should revisit it and at least mention that Hall was misleading to the ethics investigator. Finally there have been 586 posts this year and 4 have been about Dr. Hall with three coming yesterday.