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Monday, August 19, 2013

The truth about common core

I stole this from some right wing Obama is the devil web-site, they were slamming him about common core completely ignoring it is Jeb Bush's baby. -cpg

Common Core is designed by corporate hedge fund managers to a) sell Pearson's computerized tests to every state and b) sell Microsoft computers for kids to take the tests to every state. That would be why Bill Gates and Jeb Bush (Pearson investor) are promoting Common Core.

Common Core is NOT a liberal conspiracy to destroy your children. It's a capitalist conspiracy to privatize public education. Let's at least get the motives straight.


1 comment:

  1. I agree - and IT MUST BE STOPPED!! Our whole system is idiotic. Let's build huge buildings filled with a few adults and hundreds or thousands of children. Let's use the spiral approach to teaching - proven by study after study to be far less effective at teaching children than the mastery approach. Let's spend vast amounts of money on sports that only a tiny percentage of the students can participate in. Let's marginalize parents - the people who are actually responsible for their children's learning - from the process. Let's bribe states to implement standards even before they are written. I am so tired of it all. How can one person make a difference. The only way I know how is to teach my own child and others for whom that is not an option. The machine that the school systems have become has no soul left - for which I am very sorry. If there is another way please give me some ideas.