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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Has Jeb Bush ever met a teacher?

He wrote in the National Review on-line about teachers: Finally, we need to stop treating teachers like interchangeable workers on an assembly line. Instead, we should recognize them and reward them as individual professionals. That will happen if we eliminate tenure and evaluate and pay teachers based on their performance, instead of how long they’ve been on the job.
Um, I would love to have no job protections and be able to fired at will for any reason, I would love to have my salary determined by how my kids did one day on one test that they didn’t care about and I was a much better teacher when I started out, said no teacher ever.    
As for teachers being on an assembly line, the FCAT, his baby, killed creativity, flexibility and innovation as teachers were forced to teach to it.  
Friend’s how does anybody take him seriously? No really, can somebody tell me?

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