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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who Bennett first told he was resigning is very telling.

First I want to say I think Bennett is a hero. Slow down, follow me. His e-mails revealed what must of us already knew and that’s his privatization agenda, not what is fair or what is best for children guided his decisions. Then in just seven months he managed to completely destroy Jeb Bush’s A-F grading scale and now people are also calling for an elected education commissioner too. His incompetence was the best thing that could have happened to Florida. 

When he decided to resign, after two days mind you and who thinks they did nothing wrong does that, he sent an e-mail to Jeb Bush and Patricia Levesque the director of Jeb’s foundation. He didn’t send the e-mail to his bosses, Gary Chartrand and Rick Scott.

So who was Bennett really working for? Obviously it was not Chartrand and Scott? I think Scott is just hapless, at the end of the day I don’t believe he cares one way or another about education. He just goes where the wind tells him. Chartrand on the other hand believes he is the smartest guy in the room and things like facts and evidence don’t matter to him. He is also rich and where I vehemently disagree with him on everything, I can honestly say he’s not trying to make a buck off our children. 

So why did he send an e-mail to Bush and Levesque instead? Was it because they get the bulk of their funding from charter school operators, testing companies and virtual schools?

The Bush family has also made quite a bit of money off our children.
Furthermore Tony Bennett’s wife just got a high paying job from a charter school group and I guarantee you Pearson testing and the charter school industry were very sad to see Bennett go. Then factor in how Bennett received 130 grand from the operator of the charter school whose grade he changed and I think we all know who Bennett really served.

Friends, for most of these corporate reformers, money not helping our kids drives their motives.

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  1. No integrity, professionalism, only self interest motivated...very sad for teachers, students, and schools!