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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Chamber of Corruption, err Commerce attacks pensions again.

Asking a lot of “Do you still beat your wife” questions, the Chamber put out a survey attacking pensions again. It’s okay that many Chamber members get tax breaks but don’t you dare be a public servant and hope not to live in poverty when you retire.

A few things the chamber won’t tell you is that the Florida Retirement System, is incredibly healthy and there is zero danger of Florida becoming another Detroit.  Furthermore many public servants traded pay for pension and benefits and since Florida has some of the lowest paid public service workers in the nation, the Chamber wants to see them left with neither.

I will however throw the Chamber a bone. Hey Chamber just have the state of Florida pay me the nations average for teachers, a 14 thousand dollar raise for me after 12 years and then just give me cost of living increases so I don’t get poorer and I will take care of my own pension.

To be embarrassed and feel a little sick, click the link and see the survey, maybe take a moment and let them know how you feel too:

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