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Friday, August 16, 2013

Betty Burney did a lot for the district unfortunately not much of it was good.

Betty Burney called me obsessive and said “Unfortunately, Chris Guerrieri has tried his best to paint me as a person who has done nothing for this district.”

First how I feel about Mrs. Burney is irrelevant. The truth is she voted for a contract that paid her sister 24,000 dollars for less than six months worth of part time work and how she didn’t know that was wrong is beyond me since her brother was under indictment (and later convicted) in NYC for funneling money to friends and family members including Mrs. Burney. Furthermore according to the ethics report she told them she chose not to run for reelection, when the truth is she was term limited out. I she wasn’t honest about that inconsequential detail then what else wasn’t she honest about? If being obsessive means expecting our elected officials are always above board then I will take that mantle.

As for doing nothing for the district on the contrary Mrs. Burney did a lot, she was on the board during a time, when the district went from a B to a C, she helped usher in an era that destroyed teacher moral and student accountability, ignored student discipline and saw people promoted not based on ability but because of who they knew. If you want proof of this just look at the reforms superintendent Vitti has enacted since he got here and she left. The truth is it will take the district years to recover from all she did


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  1. My principal was one of those who kissed both her ring and her a.. on a regular basis. Anytime we had something at school she was there to be heard by the masses. Thank you Chris. Have a good school year and watch your back.