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Saturday, August 3, 2013

What do Connie Hall and Tony Bennett have in common? Slinking!

For that very special reader.

Tony Bennett after two days of criticism over a changed school grade quit. He said he did nothing wrong and that all the decisions he made were to benefit children. Um if that’s the case why quit, especially after just two days? Bush, Scott and Chartrand the all had his back too. Anthony Weiner’s junk was out there and it took him over a week to see the writing on the wall, the first go around anyways. No friends, people who are doing the right thing are able to whether criticism and come back from it. They don’t slink away.

A little closer to home, last year I questioned the district giving Connie Hall a nearly half million-dollar contract. The board temporally passed on the contract and the day before they were to readdress it she suddenly pulled it, no explanation given and none has been given at least publicly to this day.

Now if you are providing services that you think kids desperately need do you give up just because some loudmouth from Murray Hill questions it? No friends, people who are doing the right thing are able to whether criticism. They don’t slink away.

I feel like our education leaders are doing a lot of slinking 

1 comment:

  1. Well done Chris! and you are right there is a lot of slinking.

    Chris do you know off hand how many of the school board members took pay raises? Jason Fisher tried to imply it was forced upon them by the state. I called him out saying he could have turned it down. So how many of the Board members took the pay raises while increasing our millage rates?