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Monday, January 13, 2014

Vitti’s mid year principal moves are perplexing

One move especially. Vitti moved the first year principal at Jackson high school Michelle Floyd Hatcher. The reason is it is so perplexing is he promoted the former principal of Jackon high school who had stewarded the school through years and years of poor grades. The former principal Iranetta Wright was in charge when Jackson got the lowest grade in all Florida and she kept her job for three more years before being promoted. Her last year saw the school grade drop from a B, which Jackson received only after half the student body left and the district put in heroic measures, to a C but the school was protected by the idiotic state rule that said schools grades can drop only one letter grade, because other wise it would have dropped to a D or worse. She got five years, 2 Fs, 2 Ds and one dubious B and she is promoted while her replacement didn't even get a semester. 

Has Mrs. Wright been reaasigned?

All in all 11 principals were reassigned.

From the Times Union  

Any school not listed below will keep its same principal
Tiffany Torrence, formerly at Ribault Middle School, is now assistant principal at Forrest High School.
Angela Maxey, formerly at Sallye Mathis Elementary School, is now principal at Ribault Middle School.
Kathleen Adkins, formerly assistant principal at Carter Woodson Elementary School, is now principal at Sallye Mathis Elementary School.
Jeff Collins, who was the interim principal at Finnegan Elementary School, is now principal at Highlands Elementary School.
Alan Due, who is returning from leave, is now principal at Joseph Finnegan Elementary School.
Kim Hayward, formerly at Highlands Elementary School, is now principal at R.L. Brown Elementary School.
Todd Simpson, formerly at R.L. Brown Elementary School, is now principal at Greenfield Elementary School.
Alvin Brennan, who is returning to the district from a region chief job in Charlotte, N.C., is now principal at First Coast High School.
Carol Daniels, formerly at First Coast High School, is now principal at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts.
Mark Ertel, formerly at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts, is now at the districts school choice office.
Jamelle Wilcox, formerly assistant principal at Matthew Gilbert Middle School, is now principal there.
Evan Daniels, formerly at Matthew Gilbert Middle School, is now principal Andrew Jackson High School.
Michelle Floyd Hatcher, formerly at Andrew Jackson High School, is now principal at West Jacksonville Elementary School.
Nicole Townsend, formerly at West Jacksonville Elementary School, is now assistant principal at First Coast High School.


  1. The biggest complaint of parents on the last climate survey done at Mandarin Middle was the principal. They have been losing 75-100 students a year to Baymeadows Charter and now a new charter may open near Mandarin Middle. There will be a mass exodus now that there is a choice.

    1. Not really a clue as to why these parents have such issues. . .this principal is doing an excellent job, given all of the ridiculous pressures brought to bear on schools by this Tea Party climate of "Pearson testing 14 of 20 school days".

      Insane politics in 2014 translates to insane educational practices the next day, such as Pearson testing THE DAY AFTER winter break ends. . .

      If these parents vote for Voldemort again, they will get Voldemort's policies, which include stressed-out, disrespected, micromanaged, over-worked, and incorrectly-evaluated teachers who have had the Tea Party rooting around in their paychecks so that Governor Gollum can give "The Precious" to Florida CEO's in the form of a tax break.

      If parents are sick of this, maybe this bald idiot will go back to pimping medical billing malfeasance. . .

      Oh NOW he wants to be the "Education Governor" and start pumping money into education (see also: his campaign marketing strategy funded by teachers' retirement contributions that have not contributed one re-cent to their actual retirement accounts)

  2. Well bless your heart Dr Vitti. Boy howdy could a running back take a lesson from you. Dodge, Weave, Sidestep and Duck out of the darn way. Now all you need is some mirrors and a little smoke and I believe you and the Miami Mafia could blame this years wasted attempt at Education in Duval county on just about anybody including the Dozens and Dozens of folks that you have either ousted,fired, demoted or forced into an early retirement.

    For that matter, I'm sure you aint even Baptist, but this is what we been doin for years to our preachers every time we don't like the way there preaching. GIT RID OF EM...........

    Ole pal, I am hoping you rented when you came to town or at least bought a repo so far under the market that you can git rid of it when the Board runs your fanny off like we been doin to our other Superintendents and preachers for years.

    The Fact of the matter is most folks you just laid the shaft to never had your support to begin with. You have never been the hands on guy you think you are. You and only you have let our large urban high schools go to hell in a hand basket. YOU and only YOU left thousands of Duval county school students in Gyms and Auditoriums for almost the first full 9 weeks of this school year. While many of the folks you just put the hammer to BEGGED in YOUR BUDGET MEETINGS for teachers and security officers while YOUR PEOPLE Told them that NO MONEY was coming BUT SOMEWAY SOME HOW slowly over 9 weeks YOU ended up giving them the teachers that they asked for day one. I guess you and the Mafia thought if ya'll said "ABRA KADABRA" the kids would disappear and you wouldn't have to worry about them anyway....... news flash , they didn't.

    SILLY,SILLY MAN, how are you going to give 80 to 90 kids per teacher a CGA and expect anything but failure when they are sitting in a GYM on bleachers for a class they have never even been taught in because you wont give them a teacher and a classroom to learn in ?????

    Honey YOU blew the first 9 weeks of this school year all by yourself. The Mafia and you have stood tall at the helm of the TITANIC YOU CAPTAIN.....

    Dr. Vitti be a man and take responsibility for this years screw up...

    Your last chance for pretending to act like you have any sense is is to RUN, dont walk to the HR department and get some damn security in the URBAN HIGH SCHOOLS so the teachers and administrators you have so gladly thrown to the wolves will have a chance at SAVING YOUR FANNY ...... YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW OUT OF WACK OUR SCHOOLS HAVE BECOME AND WHY.......Hey lets try to get them back in a class,back in a seat and try to get them quiet long enough to learn something that Im sure you will have a test for.

    Honey do yourself a favor and go to an urban high school and watch the CHAOS for yourself....... VAYA CON DIOS

  3. Amen! He lied to Judge Davis.

  4. FYI: Ms. I Wright was promted to a Cluster Chief.

  5. Please enter this as a new post if you approve it. Thanks.

    The Discipline Lie

    Before the school year ended in June, I paid a visit to an administrator’s office and one thing was clear with all of the referrals I saw spread everywhere – they were not being processed timely or not at all. To be clear, the referrals were available on the secretary’s desk for anyone, including another student, to take a slow walk to a trash can. The referrals were visible as far as my eyes could see. Ironically, my purpose for visiting was to find out why the signature on the referral that I got back did not match the administrator who was suppose to sign it. Of course the secretary stated that everything regarding the referral was handled. Dumbfounded, I approached the administrator and this person also stated that it was okay because there simply was not enough time to handle everything. I will add that on the last day of school, this secretary’s desk looked the same way. Nevertheless, here we are in another school year and already kids are creating challenges by walking out of class, attending an extra lunch, texting, and even fighting. So, what kind of response did I get from a referral I was forced to write about a Class II offense? I got a statement from another office secretary indicating that I needed to withdraw my referral although the student clearly used his phone more than once in violation of the code of conduct. The secretary went on to indicate that a conference was held with the parent and the student is a “good kid”. So, what are we as teachers suppose to do when we are constantly being disrespected by students and undermined by folks that have no business dealing with discipline issues. Let’s not even talk about ineffective administrators who believe it is better to let a kid spin out of control and send them back to class with the belief I can teach them when they are not interested in learning. We need an electronic referral system so these lies can stop. It will give more transparency to the entire process, will be more reflective of what problems are actually occurring, and will provide statistical data that will identify where funding may be needed. In addition, too many teachers are being forced to copy referrals, take photos of referrals, and walk them to the administrator just to make sure that everyone knows that “Johnny has been a bad boy and needs to be dealt with today”. As for the folks downtown in the ivory tower, they need to burn any report that they have received that shows discipline issues are decreasing. They have been fooled and the problem is not getting any better, it is simply being hidden, and teacher’s need for help with out of control kids is being ignored. Finally, make no mistake about it, we do not write referrals because we want to or we don’t know discipline issues when we see them; we write referrals as a last resort. If nothing is going to be done with problem kids, let’s just erase the code of conduct, and stop leaving teachers to guess what the office secretary is going to do to address a discipline issue.