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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rick Scott thumbs his nose at Florida’s public Schools. 81.3 million reasons to vote against him

This is really the type of story that should make your blood boil. Rick Scott is hyping his educational bill as historical and it’s not, it doesn’t even get us to 2007 levels but that’s not what is really outrageous.  

He is recommending 81.3 million dollars for school maintenance a number most experts agree is woefully low, the thing is he doesn’t want public schools to see a dime of that money as it is all earmarked for charter schools the majority of which are for profit, profits that will be getting bigger and bigger with this infusion of public cash.

There are currently 520 charter schools, some 250 others have open and closed throughout the years and they serve a little over 200 thousand students. He wants them to get 81.3 million dollars.

On the other hand there are over 3,600 public schools and they serve nearly 2.6 million kids.  He wants their share of the maintenance budget to be zero.

 Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, said he was disappointed that no PECO dollars had been earmarked for traditional public schools.

"Let the governor explain to the children in crumbling public schools across Florida why they don't count, too," he said.

I hope that is all the reason 2.6 million families need to vote against him.

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