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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ever wonder how Gary Chartrand comes up with his ideas?

Gary Chartrand who went from top fifty in grocery store news to despite the fact he has never taught a day in his life to running our schools as chair of the state board of education, ranted in a Times Union piece about the need for more computer sciences classes in our schools. He then went on to offer all sorts of suggestions except how to pay for them.

After reading his musings I thought to myself, I just read an article on that a few days ago and sure enough I had.
Then it made me think, did Chartrand read an article on computer science and then take it as the gospel, think to himself “hey let’s blow up the system and get it done.”

The thing is I follow Chartrand, I have google alerts for him, the state board and his foundation, now do I catch everything, I bet not, but nowhere have I seen this exuberance for computer science before.

So it makes me wonder is that the same way he came to the conclusions that TFA, KIPP and common core are right for Florida? Did he read an article and think, hmm you know what we need, TFA, KIPP and common core?!? 

Maybe I am just seeing things where nothing exists but maybe just maybe, Mr. Chartrand makes his policy decisions based on articles he reads rather than facts and evidence. 

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