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Thursday, January 16, 2014

President Obama, enough is enough, it is time for Duncan to go

You know I try and be patient, I have been very supportive of the president .   

I have often hoped to myself that one day the president would wake up and get it and that he would finally understand that his education policies are harming the country. That he would realize high stakes testing is sucking the life out of education for both teachers and students; that he would recognize that we can’t continue to blame teachers with odious evaluations which are based on them not being able to overcome the dehibilitating effects of poverty.  That he would recognize mercenaries and corporations that care more about the bottom line than educating our children have co-opted the charter school movement and most of all that he will recognize that Arne Duncan has been terrible for education.

In the fall he insulted white suburban moms saying their children weren’t as smart as they thought they were and just two days ago he said teacher come from the bottom of the academic barrel, as if teaching was the only profession that they could somehow slither into.

President Obama it was already hard for me to overlook the fact you call for a type of public schools mired in standardized tests without the arts  that you would not send your children to, but this latest insult from Duncan is too much. I can’t overlook it and if you want the support of teachers you shouldn’t overlook it either.

It is way past time for Duncan to go and if not him then you.


  1. Sorry, Chris, but I'm with Arne on this. Grade inflation is real, especially at my high school. I kid you not, I have students who can barely read and write making straight A's, but failing my class. I even have students and parents freaking out because of a C. They simply aren't as bright (or hard-working) as they think they are. The standardized tests tell the real story.

    And there are some shockingly ignorant teachers. I work with an AP English teacher who doesn't use basic good grammar. I know that an overwhelming majority of biology teachers in this county don't buy evolution. I am unimpressed with a Master's degree, because I know too many idiots who have one. Colleges are inflating grades, too.

    But I'm the one who is constantly harassed, because DCPS likes 'em ignorant, as long as they're compliant.

  2. annymous, stop and actually think for a minute. Why are grades inflated, and they are,? Bc the only too choices in this slavery based system of education is to slide kids through or to fail them misereably so they drop out. Do you see the secy even questioning the stupidity of the system designed 200 years ago?

    You are talking about letter grades that have been a lie for years. On a good proficiency based systems, kids would move up based on gains, and would be able to make gains on a regular basis.

    And what does evolution have to do with anything? Change is not easy but using an artificial test is not an indicator of academic achievement. It is an indicator of testing achievement with tons of memorization.

    Let me ask you, who discovered America? If we don't say Colombus, we fail. However, that butcher didn't discove squat. The real leaders came throiugh the west coast.

    Again giving artificial grades is moronic. You aren't even in the 10th century with your outmoded thinking. try this .