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Monday, January 20, 2014

The school choice crowd changes the narrative again!

From a Redefined Ed piece about school choice, National School Choice Week also is an opportunity for education providers to focus not on competing with one another, but on their shared goal: to help children learn.

Wow, the school choice crowd has changed the narrative yet again.

First vouchers and charters were about getting kids out of failing public schools but when it turned out the public schools were doing better than private schools that took vouchers and charters they changed the narrative to one that emphasized competition. The reasoning was that competition would make everybody better. Well charters and vouchers as a group didn’t get that memo as one scandal after another has made the headlines and quite often the only thing they made better were the bank accounts of charter school operators. 

Now they have changed the narrative once again calling for a Kumbaya moment as both charters and private schools that take vouchers and public schools let their differences go, hold hands and come together to address what’s best for children. Gone are the failing public school and competition narratives almost like they never existed. Why talk about the past?

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. The school choice narrative is like the weather in Florida, if you don't like it wait a few minutes because it will change.

So which is it school choice crowd or is this just another red herring designed to distract us from your dismal record and real purpose, the destruction of teacher unions and the privatization of our schools?

I wonder what their next narrative will be?

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